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  1. For TVs 37" up to 70" with VESA 200x200mm up to 400x600mm, maximum weight capacity 50 kg (110lbs)

    Invision TV Wall Mount Bracket for 37" - 70" (94 - 178cm) Screens | Ultra Strong | Double Arm | Tilt & Swivel | Max VESA 600mm(w) x 400mm(h) | Max Load 50kg (HDTV-DXL)

    • ULTRA STRONG DOUBLE ARMS - Our HDTV-DXL double arm bracket is engineered for strength and WILL NOT BEND. The mount is equipped with stress tested load-bearing compression hinges to eliminate the risk of bending when fully extended. Manufactured to the highest standard using cold-rolled carbon steel. It has a reinforced wall panel to distribute the load and give you confidence in the installation of your TV (maximum weight 50 kg). The safety was tested with four times this weightbility promise 
    • ULTRA SLIM TO WALL & LONG REACH - The HDTV-DXL has a slim design that allows TVs from 37"-70" (94cm - 178cm) to be positioned even closer to the wall at just 58mm and then extends out from a centralized position as far as 500mm without bending. This high specification wall mount design comes with integrated cable concealment panels that offer safe and practical functionality whilst preserving the clean look of your living space
    • OPTIMISED VIEWING EXPERIENCE - Change your viewing position with ease. Eliminate annoying glare with One-Touch tilting operation and customize your viewing angle from anywhere in the room with 160° horizontal full motion swivelling feature left to right and vertical tilt angle ranging from -5° to +8°. For full detailed specification see images and description
    • TV COMPATIBILITY - Suitable for TVs with VESA standard mounting holes from 200x200mm - 600mm[W]x400mm[H]. Compatible with Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Philips and all brands as long as they are VESA compatible. Includes M4, M5, M6 and M8 TV mounting screws with 6 wall fixtures for wood and masonry. Our compatibility promise is a commitment to ensure you can mount your TV to our bracket, whatever the model or your money back. Just get in touch and we can send any extra parts you need
    • 25 YEAR WARRANTY - We are so confident in the construction, strength and durability of this wall bracket that we guarantee it for 25 years. Our wall mount is easy to install and includes a full step by step installation guide and FREE SPIRIT LEVEL & 1080P HDMI CABLE. Should you need us at any point our friendly customer experience team are on hand to help. Just send us an email

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  2. For TVs 24" up to 55" with VESA 100x100mm - 400x400mm, maximum weight capacity 36.2 kg (80lbs)

    Invision® TV Wall Mount Bracket for 24" - 55" Screens | Double Arm | Tilt & Swivel | Max VESA 400x400mm | Max Load 36.2kg (80lbs) (HDTV-DL)

    • #1 Rated TV wall mount brand! 25 year warranty & compatibility promise 
    • Heavy Duty Double Arm mount with Ultra Slim (42mm) flat profile and easy installation
    • Includes High Speed 1080p HDMI Cable Plus a 6 inch magnetic triple axis spirit level
    • Centralised wall extension of 452mm Tilt angle -2° to +10° Max load 36.2kg (80lbs)
    • Wide range of VESA Compatibility 100mm x 100mm to 400mm x 400mm

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  3. For TVs 24" up to 55" with VESA 100x100mm - 400x400mm, maximum weight capacity 36.2 kg (80lbs)

    Invision® TV Wall Mount Bracket for 24" - 55" Screens | Tilt & Swivel | Max VESA 400x400mm | Includes HDMI Cable | Max Load 36.2kg (80lbs) (HDTV-E)

    • Includes High Speed 1.8m HDMI Cable (1080p 1.4v) Plus 6” inch Tri-axis Spirit Level
    • Please Confirm Your TV`s VESA Mounting Holes Before Purchasing 
    • Supports VESA Compatible 100mm x 100mm to 400mm x 400mm
    • Ultra Slim Design 55mm to 500mm Max Load 36.2kg (80lbs)
    • Quick and Easy Installation & 25 Year Product Warranty

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  4. For TVs 26" up to 60" with Tilt & Swivel, VESA 100x100mm - 400x400mm, Max Weight Capacity 40 kg (88lbs)

    Invision® TV Wall Mount Bracket for 26” - 60” Screens | Tilt & Swivel | Cantilever Design | Max VESA 400x400mm | Includes HDMI Cable | Max Load 40kg (88lbs) (HDTV-L)

    • Includes high speed HDMI cable (1080p 1.4v) plus 6 inch tri-axis spirit level
    • Compatible TV mounting holes 100mm x 100mm to 400mm x 400mm, see description for more details
    • Ultra slim wall distance 46mm/1.8" maximum arm extension 500mm, maximum load capacity 40kg (88lbs)
    • Tool free tilting action technology, tilts back -5° and tilts forward +8° with 180° swivel left to right
    • Quick and easy installation & 25 year warranty, all parts covered by Invision Product Guarantee

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  5. Invision® TV Wall Mount Bracket for 26" - 42" Screens | Tilt & Swivel | Cantilever Design | Max VESA 200x200mm | Max Load 40kg (88lbs) (HDTV-M)

    Invision® TV Wall Mount Bracket for 26" - 42" Screens | Tilt & Swivel | Cantilever Design | Max VESA 200x200mm | Max Load 40kg (88lbs) (HDTV-M)

    • Compatible TV mounting holes: 100mm x 100mm, 100mm(h) x 200mm(w), 200mm(w) x 100mm (h) & 200mm x 200mm
    • Ultra slim wall distance: 46mm (1.8 inches) maximum arm extension 500mm
    • Built to the highest specification: CE certified product 40 kg (88lbs) maximum TV load capacity
    • Tool free tilting action technology, tilts back -5° and tilts forward +8° with 180° swivel left to rightl
    • 25 year warranty - all parts are covered by Invisions product "Compatibility Promise"

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  6. VESA Adapter Kit

    Invision VESA Adapter Kit Medium For TV Wall Brackets (VESA)

    • TV VESA M8 mounting holes 200mm x 300mm to 400mm x 400mm
    • Existing bracket must have M6 holes and VESA 200mm x 200mm
    • Extends TV brackets up to 400mm (h) x 400mm (w)
    • Fixes on to most existing TV brackets
    • Includes complete fixing kit

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  7. For monitors and small TV screens 17" up to 27" with VESA 75x75mm & 100x100mm, maximum weight capacity 7kg (15lbs)

    Invision Monitor Wall Mount Bracket for 17-27" PC Monitors & TVs Ergonomic Height Adjustable Gas Assisted Full Motion Single Arm Tilt & Swivel VESA 75x75mm & 100x100mm Weight Capacity 2kg-7kg (MX250)

    • THE PERFECT VIEWING EXPERIENCE – The Invision MX250 is a multi-purpose wall mounting solution for PC monitors and small TV screens. Great for optimising space in your office, your kitchen or for giving your gaming setup that extra edge. Engineered with a robust, height-adjustable gas arm that is strong, sturdy and extremely versatile and takes full advantage of any situation where space is at a premium and comfortable viewing is paramount 
    • ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY & OPTIMUM VIEWING ANGLES - Our full motion pneumatic monitor arms are equipped with Elevation-Assist technology for full ergonomic height adjustment and One-Touch frictionless motion control making it easier to adjust, tilt, raise and hold your screen at the perfect viewing angle every time. Capable of a full 360° of screen rotation for easy landscape to portrait viewing and can extend to an impressive 385mm from the wall and can hold screens up to a max weight of 7kg
    • SOLID CONSTRUCTION & BUILT TO LAST - At Invision we pride ourselves on design and innovation. The MX250 is designed for strength and stability with a reinforced streamline die cast alloy frame and steel ring compression swivel fittings to ensure reliable positioning and zero sagging. All moving parts are tested to Invision`s 20,000 real-life cycle motion test ensuring years of trouble-free adjustment and our Monitor Wall Mount Bracket is backed with a full 3-year warranty
    • EASY INSTALLATION & WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE – The MX250 is designed for screens from 17-27" and is easy to install. It is covered by the Invision Compatibility Promise to ensure your screen fits and you have a trouble-free installation. Should you need us for any reason our friendly customer support team are always on hand to help and to get your screen mounted safely and securely 
    • MAXIMISE DESK SPACE & OPTIMISE YOUR WORKLIFE - The MX250 allows you to transform your working environment by freeing up precious space, either on your desk or in whichever room you decide to mount your screen. Positioning your computer monitor or TV screen for maximum ergonomic comfort also helps reduce the risk of posture related health issues and can have a huge positive impact on your productivity, health and wellbeing

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