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Compatibility Promise

Because we believe our products to be of the highest standard, we offer you, the customer our promise that wherever you see the Invision trademark logo we guarantee you will only receive premium quality products and outstanding customer satisfaction every time.  If you received your Invision product and it does not fit with your TV or screen we commit to doing everything we can to resolve that for you.

Our Compatibility Promise covers: 

  • 100% TV compatibility promise with all Invision TV and screen mounts.  If you find your TV or screen is not compatible with our product we will makes sure an alternative solution is provided at no extra cost providing they are VESA Standard!
  • FREE replacement products or parts if your purchase becomes defective within the warranty period
  • FREE secondary set of fixing bolts just in case you make an installation error or change your TV
  • FREE alternative TV mount adapter plates in the event of obscured/covered TV plug and ports

Our Compatibility Promise covers all our TV wall brackets, TV stands and monitor arms. If for any reason you feel dissatisfied with the product or service you have received please contact us in the first instance and we will always make sure any issues are resolved without question/delay.

What is VESA?

VESA is an acronym for "Video Electronics Standards Association, who agree the standards for modern TVs.  When purchasing a TV to mount on the wall there are 4 mounting holes on the back which are key to choosing the right mount.. The layout of the holes on the TV has to match the holes on TV mount. The easiest way find out the VESA size of your TV is to check the manual or to measure the distance in millimetres between the top two holes, then measure from the top hole to the one directly below it, for example the distance between the top 2 holes is 200mm and the distance from one of the top holes to the hole directly below is 200mm - your TV has a VESA 200 mounting configuration. Please make sure the TV mount you purchase has the same VESA mounting size in the product specification.

What is VESA

What TV bracket is right for me?

Make your decision on what you require from your TV.  Do you wish for it to remain flat on the wall?  Extend out from the wall?  Or both?  We have TV brackets to suit all needs - please check the descriptions for a full list of features. 

My TV Mount is not compatible with my TV?

Contact us directly either through our website or the platform the order was purchased, verify your order and we will make sure an alternative solution is sent out to you free of charge.  This guarantee does not apply to incorrect orders.

Is this product suitable for my TV?

The weight of your TV & the VESA mounting pattern of your TV are the two main determining factors.

All our TV wall brackets, TV stands and monitor arms display the maximum TV weight capacity on the adverts, please check this is higher than the actual weight of your TV (check the manual).

If the weight is okay, next to check is the VESA:

Measure the distance in millimeters between the top two mounting holes [horizontally] then measure from the top mounting hole to the bottom mounting hole directly below it [vertically], these are your VESA measurements e.g. 400mm [wide] x 200mm [high].

The information may also be listed in the user manual or TV specifications.  Once you have this information you can check if it is compatible with the ones listed in our advert.   If your TV has a pattern that is not listed or any issues, please contact us, as we may have an easy solution. 

How to measure VESA Pattern


Are all the bolts and fixings included?

Everything you need will be in the fixing/hardware kit. Our kit includes:

Wall plugs and screws for installation onto solid wood or masonry (brick, concrete or stone) and a variety of bolts, spacers and washers to help mount the majority of TVs on the market – see instructions for a detailed list (a copy is in the box or downloadable from the product page on our website)

Important: DO NOT attempt to use the large bolts from the wall fixings in the back of the TV.

A small number of makes and models may need longer screws for the back of the TV.  If this is the case, please contact us directly and these can be sent out to you as part of our Compatibility Promise.

Are tools included and if not what additional tools will I need?

Our products contain tools to help you, but some additional tools are usually helpful.

For TV Wall brackets (all models) you will need a drill, with 10mm masonry bit or 4mm wood bit. A large Phillips screwdriver, safety glasses, a 12mm spanner or socket set for the wall fixings, a pencil and a spirit level.

For TV Stands GT1200 & RS400 you will need is a Phillips screwdriver.

For Monitor Arms MX150 & MX300 you will need a screwdriver for removing the cable management and a drill if you are bolting it through a desk.

My product has become faulty under the stated warranty?

Check the product description. All our products come with a minimum 18 months guarantee - simply contact us and we will be happy to resolve the issue.

Where is my order?

All wholesale orders and single item orders come with full tracking information. If the tracking information has not been received at your registered email address, then please contact us for the latest update.